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Linde Heavy Trucks – UK

Project: T4F – (Final) Engine Compliance.

Linde had a requirement to integrate a new engine into their 9-16T forklift platform. Hamersham, having a 15 year relationship with the company, were asked to take care of all emission related software changes.


Sensor Technik – UK

Project: Battery Management – 500KwH Rail Battery Pack Application

Sensor Technik had a requirement to provide a new Battery Management software package for an experimental rail application. As a result, Hamersham were asked to provide a turnkey software package for the project.


Parker Hannifin – Mobile Controls Division

Project: DDS – Data Distribution System

Parker had an overseas military client wishing to test a new communications protocol as a replacement for CANBUS. The requirement was to deliver a turn key electrical and software package to control the opening and closing of a rear ramp.


Kone Cranes – UK Ltd – 2015

Project: Heavy Truck Materials Handling – 2015

Kone Cranes had a requirement to upgrade and optimise their digital services offering to the Heavy Truck Market. Kone have a very strong brand identity around reliability and longevity. They are also market leaders in IOT services for the Heavy Truck Market. At Hamersham we were asked to undertake a major study into existing practices and services. We were also asked to recommend a practical upgrade plan to enable Kone Cranes to grow their digital services business for Heavy trucks.


Parker Hannifin – Mobile Controls Division – Military – R & D

Project: Light Military – Hydraulic Rear Steering

The end client vehicle builder was getting requests for reduced turning circles and increased manoeuvrability.


At Hamersham we offer Automation Expertise. Operating as a software development company, we specialise in the machine control of mobile off highway machinery, and have application experience in the Agriculture, Materials Handling, Access Platforms, Marine, Refuse, Mining and Military sectors.

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