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“Simplifying the transfer of information from one source to another”

At Hamersham we can offer a complete Data Distribution Service (DDS) allowing you to exchange information easily and effectively between two diverse systems.

In today’s software market there are a wide range of operating systems being used which communicate data differently, just as different hardware types store and retrieve information in a variety of ways. This means when you need to exchange information between two systems it can be both costly and time consuming.

DDS however can,

Simplify transferring information from one source to another, reducing time, risk and cost

Streamline communication processes amongst different systems, making program development easier, faster and more reliable

Allow subscribers and publishers to use different platforms or operating systems and still communicate to each other

Allow exchanges to take place through countless devices at the same time

As the UK and European distribution partner for Twin Oaks Computing we can offer a complete solution whether it be:

Licence sales

Technical support

Port development

System integration


Please download the following documents for more information on DDS.

If you would like to find out more about DDS, how it works and how it can help you streamline your communications process, please contact us.