Since it was established in 2006, Hamersham has grown to become an international player, working with national and global brands including Airbus, Siemens, Audi and Rolls-Royce.

We are constantly developing our capabilities and have considerable expertise in deploying DDS middleware systems in various sectors, including renewable energy, healthcare, materials handling and unmanned vehicles.

Our world-class machine control software solutions enable us to provide support for legacy applications, new machinery and code edits to existing systems. We provide a complete control software system design capability. Low level, deeply embedded software development or high-level PLC programming and anything in between are all areas in which we are completely at home. We are not commercially bound to develop in any language or with any toolchain and are therefore completely platform neutral.

In partnership with US company Twin Oaks Computing Inc, we have cultivated an enviable reputation in the global DDS market. We are a leading provider of software tools and middleware implementations all supported by fast and responsive customer service. We offer a complete, bespoke software solution, from DDS licensing and system integration to sales, technical support and maintenance throughout many diverse markets.


Secure, dynamic communications middleware technology



World class machine control solutions


At Hamersham we offer Automation Expertise. Operating as a software development company, we specialise in the machine control of mobile off-highway machinery, and have application experience in the Agriculture, Materials Handling, Access Platforms, Marine, Refuse, Mining and Military sectors.

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