Linde Heavy Trucks – UK

Project: T4F – (Final) Engine Compliance.

Linde had a requirement to integrate a new engine into their 9-16T forklift platform. Hamersham, having a 15 year relationship with the company, were asked to take care of all emission related software changes.


Sensor Technik – UK

Project: Battery Management – 500KwH Rail Battery Pack Application

Sensor Technik had a requirement to provide a new Battery Management software package for an experimental rail application. As a result, Hamersham were asked to provide a turnkey software package for the project.


Parker Hannifin – Mobile Controls Division

Project: DDS – Data Distribution System

Parker had an overseas military client wishing to test a new communications protocol as a replacement for CANBUS. The requirement was to deliver a turnkey electrical and software package to control the opening and closing of a rear ramp.


Kone Cranes – UK Ltd – 2015

Project: Heavy Truck Materials Handling – 2015

Kone Cranes had a requirement to upgrade and optimise their digital services offering to the Heavy Truck Market. Kone have a very strong brand identity around reliability and longevity. They are also market leaders in IOT services for the Heavy Truck Market. At Hamersham we were asked to undertake a major study into existing practices and services. We were also asked to recommend a practical upgrade plan to enable Kone Cranes to grow their digital services business for Heavy trucks.


Parker Hannifin – Mobile Controls Division – Military – R & D

Project: Light Military – Hydraulic Rear Steering

The end client vehicle builder was getting requests for reduced turning circles and increased manoeuvrability.


At Hamersham we offer Automation Expertise. Operating as a software development company, we specialise in the machine control of mobile off-highway machinery, and have application experience in the Agriculture, Materials Handling, Access Platforms, Marine, Refuse, Mining and Military sectors.

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