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Electronica AZI

In our latest article for Electronica AZI, we discuss how to find low cost reliable and secure way for embedded systems to exchange data. One proven method is to use DDS (data distribution service) [...]

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Defence Turkey

As moves continue towards fully autonomous vehicles, including military transport, the need for security to protect communications networks is clear. We spoke to Defence Turkey magazine about how DDS is now one of the [...]

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Electronic Product Design and Test

Our feature in Electronic Product Design and Test magazine illustrates DDS’s capabilities in enabling cross-platform networking and how a flexible, configurable system can be used in a huge variety of embedded applications, from defence, [...]

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Our article in Electronics magazine outlines how Hamersham’s DDS middleware enables a wide range of operating systems – Windows, Android, Linux and so on – to communicate. Read the feature here: https://www.connectingindustry.com/Electronics/speed-and-security--with-a-small-footprint.aspx For [...]

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Electronic Specifier Design

System security is a priority for manufacturers, as many adopt Smart Manufacturing and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) practices. We outlined how DDS plays a key role in keeping inter-connected and intelligent production systems [...]

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Industrial Technology

We spoke to Industrial Technology magazine about how the use of communications middleware in today’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) enabled industrial equipment systems can save businesses time, money and resources through streamlining the [...]

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