Hamersham are experienced Codesys developers and can help get your machine functioning correctly using this toolchain. Codesys is an IEC 61131-3 development environment and is designed to be manufacturer independent. In our experience, most hardware platform manufacturers have to do some custom engineering in order to make Codesys work smoothly on their products and therefore develop custom libraries.

Hamersham can develop functions according to IEC 61131-3 using structured text, function block or ladder logic. We prefer however to use the power of structured text.

We have Codesys hardware platform experience with:

STW: https://www.stw-mobile-machines.com/en/products/mobile-automation.html
IFM: https://www.ifm.com/gb/en/category/080/080_030

With both platforms, we have completed both control and display projects. Our Codesys offer is to give you a fixed price for a software work package and take away technical risk in your project.

For more information regarding Middleware, please contact Nick Pridham at Hamersham at nick@hamersham.com or call 07717 790404