Electrical Break Out Boxes

Hamersham now has the capability to manufacture Electrical Break Out Boxes for system testing. We are showing a recent example here that we made for the IQAN system but indeed, we can construct an Electrical Break Out Box for any control system platform.

Software engineers are used to software simulation tools but sometimes you just need to connect something up to a real world control platform in a bench test environment and see how it behaves.

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Hamersham | Middleware, Machine Control Solutions, DDS, Automation Software

Our example shown here serves an IQAN control platform of an MD4 and 2 MC4xx controllers. All pins are broken out to 4mm Banana plugs meaning complete machine hardware IO test scenario’s can be built. We laser cut and labelled the banana plug board which means you can build complex circuits quickly.

Hamersham can build for any control platform.:

  • High Quality Construction.
  • Laser Etched Pin Labelling.
  • CAN and Ethernet Networks can be built.
  • 4mm Banana plugs throughout.
  • Optional extra work frame kit can be Included.
  • With or without hardware modules.
  • We have some examples of these units in stock and can do the testing for you if you wish.
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