Mobile vehicle speed limiting middleware

//Mobile vehicle speed limiting middleware

Mobile vehicle speed limiting middleware

Hamersham are software experts in the mobile vehicle sector producing middleware products that are designed keep you informed and put you in control.

The Hamersham Speed Limiting Middleware Module is a product that can be deployed into existing software stacks and provide a powerful speed limit control function.

  • It does not need an open data connection.
  • It works on embedded systems with limited resources.
  • Your Speed Limit Mapping data is embedded in the Middleware and therefore an open data connection is not required.
  • The software accurately matches your GPS position with the correct local speed limit.
  • Fast – it polls the speed limit data set at 10Hz. This means that it updates the speed limit signal 10 times per second.
  • We can provide expertise to provide a speed limit signal over CAN/IP or any field bus protocol.
  • We have access to the latest speed limit datasets or can integrate your own.
  • The software is currently ported to Linux/PPC but a build for any other combination of operating system and chip architecture can be accommodated.
  • Demonstration hardware can be provided.
For more information regarding Middleware, please contact Nick Pridham at Hamersham at or call 07717 790404
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