Project Description


Sensor Technik – UK


Battery Management – 500KwH Rail Battery Pack Application

The brief:

Sensor Technik had a requirement to provide a new Battery Management software package for an experimental rail application. Find out more here.

As a result, Hamersham were asked to provide a turnkey software package for the project.

Our approach:

As part of the turnkey software package, at Hamersham we provided:

  • battery side cell and contactor management
  • control side KPI permission to use power, state of charge, and state of health
  • battery health and shut down control
  • Remote System Management: This involved putting the whole battery pack online so it could be accessed via a telematics portal
  • the development of a browser based GUI for system diagnostics, settings and software upgrading
  • on site testing and start up support.
Hamersham | Middleware, Machine Control Solutions, DDS, Automation SoftwareHamersham | Middleware, Machine Control Solutions, DDS, Automation Software

The results:

The successful delivery of the project over a period of 6 months.

“Hamersham were uniquely able to combine expertise in hard real time control and telematics and were therefore an automatic partner choice for this project. Hamersham delivered on time and under budget”.

Mark Wood – Sensor Technik UK Managing Director